Selling CLAMP in Cardland Vol.1 loose cards

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noshuu @ yahoo . com

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Selling CLAMP in Cardland vol.1 loose cards. Do note that I only have these available so please don't ask me whether do I have a certain card. What I have are all displayed in this post. Neither will I be getting any new ones.

Last update: 10 March 2012. Quantity correct as per now.

    Additional information:
  • Minimum purchase of USD3 is required.
  • First come first served. Cards will be reserved 3 days upon my confirmation. Payment should be made/submitted and waiting for clearance within these 3 days. Failure to do so will result in reserved cards being released back for sale.
  • Payment method as below. I will not accept other payment methods(except for Singaporeans).
    - PayPal
  • Cards will be sent in good-quality bubble-padded envelopes. Please reuse if possible.
    Standard airmail with registration(to-sign-for)(Asia): USD3.50
    Standard airmail with registration(to-sign-for)(all other countries): USD4
  • Extra cards might be given dependent on buyer's payment speed, amount purchased and attitude. Cards are chosen at my discretion. Do not request/hint me for extra cards.

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Cosplay 2010 in Review

Saw chocolime's and decided to follow suit =P

2010 was the year where I did the most number of cosplays! Found myself quite fail. Cosplayed since 1999 but up till end of 2010, only did 28 costumes...

1. Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail
Done for WCS selection 2010 (27th of March 2010). Was very sad as I'd spent about 6 weeks slogging over the fail armor.

2. Jennifer vol 1 cover - Cloth Road
Done for Cosfest 2010 (3rd of July 2010). Simple costume but I'm a slowpoke in sewing so...

3. Jennifer col 3 cover - Cloth Road
Done for Cosfest 2010 (4th of July 2010). My most expensive cosplay even though I made everything myself. Those whom I got to know in 2010 seem to remember me by this lol

4. Lumiere - Kiddy Grade
Done for Private Shoot (4th of September 2010). Shoot owed to orientalpunk since 2009. Had actually bought the materials in 2009 but I turtled over it =X

5. Shahrazad - Trinity Blood
Done for AFA 2010 Day 1 (13th of November 2010. Did my first resin cast. Rather stupid as after I'd finished doing my gloves, I found the large oval blings =_=

6. Sailor Jupiter - Sailor Moon SS
Done for AFA 2010 Day 2 (14th of November 2010) Psychoed by yuanie. Skirt so short =_=

7. Meiko - Vocaloid Love is War
Done for AFA 2010 Day STGCC (11th of December 2010). sfsakana's group was missing Meiko so I filled in the space

8. Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier(red military)
Done for Comic Fiesta 2010 Day 1 (18th of December 2010). First time buying costume off 淘宝. Not... bad for the price but I needed to self-modify some parts as it was slightly big and some details were not accurate

9. Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier(blue military)
Done for Comic Fiesta 2010 Day 2 (19th of December 2010)


4th Sept
Did Kiddy Grade photoshoot with orientalpunk. The weather was great with no rain and the scorching sun was covered by clouds, which was a blessing. songster69, sour cheese and yuanie were our photogs. My first shoot! Don't ask me why this is like only my first even though I've cosplayed for 10 years x_X

5th Sept
I succumbed to the devil and finally got iPhone 4. Surprising thing was, I didn't even have to wait. I just walked into the shop, ask to recontract and voila, there happened to have one as a customer had already gotten it online.
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Studies application

Just received SIM's fat package about my studies application. I've been offered a place for Bachelor of Computer Science (Multimedia & Game Development). As I have related diploma, I'll (hopefully) be doing 18 months full-time. Supposed school starts 1st October(Friday =_=?). Getting the jitters, been some time since I last hit the books x_X School is 1+ hour transport per trip. The sample timetable on the web-site is a little worrying though, 9 hours a day o_O?!
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For the week

For the past week, I've been doing almost the same thing

10am: Wake up and have breakfast
11+am-12+pm: Go to the gym and worked out for at least an hour for Monday-Friday
1+pm: Have lunch after which I'm locked in front of the PC watching anime, reading internet news, checking my Facebook and doing cosplay stuff at the same time
7+pm: Dinner after which I repeat the above
3am: Sleep

Yeah life is good XD
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Miscellaneous cosplay-related photos

Left: Recommended hi-cut panty hose. $6.20/2 pairs @ Isetan. Really like this as the 'lines' are high and I like the Nude color
Middle: Lumiere wig I styled on my head. Styrofoam head is smaller than my head as you can see it's loose =_=
Right: I did trying resin cast experiments as I want to make gems. Orange one is with food coloring and looks like gummy XD Not a good one though as it makes the cast cloudy.
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